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TechB's Illustrations are wonderful! They provide the highest quality art, for the cheapest price! I will totally use their service again.
I have purchased art from TechB Illustrations many times and I must say, these guys are the absolute best in the business. From high quality products to being very reliable as well as being affordable, they have it all. If you are looking for any type of art, whether it be Design Threads, Avatars or Banners, I strongly suggest that you go to TechB Illustrations.
I have had a great experience with TechB Illustrations. They are a very professional and coordinated team that will get what you need done ASAP. They have created a logo for my server that turned out great for the price and I highly encourage everyone to work with these guys!
Hi my name is Whos_sz, I'm planning to become a server owner shortly and I went from designer to designer and finally found TechBIllustration's post on MC-Market. I contacted them and told them what I wanted and in just 3-4 days my logo was complete and it looks amazing.
I saw the TechB Illustrations post on MC-Market and browsed through their work. Everything was amazing and when I got to the pricing I was even more amazed. Everything went according to plan and now I have my new hand-drawn avatar. This is a great service!
I had a very great experience with TechB Illustrations. I ordered a Logo for my Network and I got it within 2 days of Business, Also the price range was great, Would highly recommend!
I've known TechB for a while, I was looking to get my avatar drawn up for a few months *Before meeting tech, I just didn't know anyone who could or was willing / able to do what I wanted. After discussing with Tech what i wanted he had said sure gave me a rough draft that aboslutely blew me away.
Vouch for banana! Great drawings and got them done super fast! Would recommend to anyone who needs logos etc... :p:p
Vouch for TechB! By far one of the best graphic designers and coolest guy there is. He'll listen to all your requests and get everything done in a smooth and quick transaction. Everything came out great and the way I wanted when I bought my new server logo from him. Thanks for the amazing logo!
Vouch. One of the nicest artist's i've ever met and his prices are reasonable.
Huge vouch to Techb and Dragon creating two amazing logos and the support of this service is better than I expected. Maybe the timeframe could be little faster but I don't really mind since the work is brilliant. Also the price for this quality is mindblowning. I asked them to make two different version of the logo and it wasn't a problem at all. Keep up the great work!
Vouch for this young man, He's the best, just the best. If ever you are hesitating between him or another artist, pick him. He's my Boons, he's the best artist out of all of them, including all the ones you're thinking of: yes, all of them. I'm not sure what to say on here, he's fast, he's good, he wants the best out of every piece he creates, you can't go wrong with him. I've already said it, but I'll say it again: He's the best, vouch for Boons!
VOUCH SICK ASS FUCKING LOGO $30 too well worth it will be recommending friends.
Big vouch for TechB Illustrations! Made me a high quality avatar for a good price, recommend doing business with.
MAJOR Vouch! Made a super good looking profile picture for cheap DO NOT HESITATE to deal with him.
Why is 5 the highest rating I can give? Hell nah, I rate this service 10 out of motherfucking 10. This dude is an amazing artist. This is like the 4th sloth I've commissioned (won't be the last ;)) and he comes through every time. He even accommodates many last second changes. This man has taken on some ridiculous requests from me and continues to provide excellent drawings at a great price.